Our Story

We’re connected, invested and passionate about what we do and how we do it.

Sharing a common vision of becoming leaders in our chosen fields, we honed our craft in Talent Management, Business Consultancy, Content Marketing, Psychology, Organisational Development and Education. Between us we have over 150 + years experience. Leaders.

In coming together we felt it necessary to deconstruct the traditional lifecycle associated with our industry to ensure it meets today’s company, today’s people, today’s thinking. There’s  a place for traditional methods as they’re the foundation, the roots versus digital technology. The way the world works today, the now and the future. We bring skills to release blockers and promote creativity. Innovators.

We collaborate with our business and individual clients, it’s one of the many reasons why our clients choose to partner MATCHFiT.  Our collective approach facilitates the ability to provide tailored strategic solutions. We’re the equilibrium point on the scale of digital versus human.  It’s this that allows us to equip you with the tools required to achieve your objectives to increase your competitive edge even further. Partnership.

Above all, our success begins with listening, discovering, exploring and understanding your ‘as is’, where you want to go and why. Listening permits the creativity required to formulate strategy to lead you to your end goal by helping you find your inner voice and be heard.

Our Vision

To enable change through providing the vehicle to transport you to your Giggle factor. The lofty dreams and aspirations that, when said out-loud, you laugh in semi-disbelief. They appear to be so out there, but in reality they’re not when equipped with the right tools, the right vehicle. No more out there than making subtle changes to what you do for greater performance, productivity and rewards. Share your vision and entrust us as your partner, to guide and support you there.

Together we shake off the shackles that hold you back to unleash your full potential by driving a new era of development and growth. Allowing your world, your audience, to capture the essence of you, before they meet you in person.

We promote your who, how, why and where, to enable you to become your own Ambassador by giving you the tools to evolve.

We connect the dots to reach your potential.

Our Mission

 To be your Learning and Development advocates.

 Deliverer of innovative tailored learning and development solutions that address your needs. Catapulting you into your next phase of continued growth that shapes and forms, as you evolve in step with the economy and talent landscape.

Keeping you aligned.

Your Trusted Advisors.

Our Values

Through listening not just to the words spoken but to the unsaid word. It’s that which helps us understand and explore your exact requirements. Open communication is key.

Our clients’ wants, needs and desires is quintessential to all that we do. It allows the freedom to create custom made strategies, as no two clients are the same. It’s an individual thing.

Allows us to relate, through this we gain a deeper level of understanding, building strong bonds and relationships because what we do is always about you.

Honesty and Trust
Is key to all our relationships. Being true to self and our clients provides the clarity and vision that is essential for growth and development. Your progression.

To ensure all we do is practical, innovative and inclusive whilst working in partnership to co-create and deploy attainable strategies and solutions.

About providing the tools needed to transistion and transform through learning and development to take you to the next level of growth and beyond.

In everything we do because we value you, your aspirations and what we do.

Confidentiality and Professionalism
Go hand in hand.  They’re interdependent. Never one without the other.